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The Lincoln High Wall Of Honor
Dedicated To Lincoln Students Who Gave Their Lives In The Defense Of Our Country
Thank You From All Of Us

Robert Roulston
Class Of June 1960
Richard Seroter
Class Of June 1960
Richard C. Allen
Class Of January 1961
Richard R. Houghton
Class Of January 1961
John Davidson
Class Of June 1961
William Mitchell
Class Of June 1961
Patrick Carnell
Class Of June 1963
James P. Harkanson
Class Of June 1964
Lawrence M. McGinty
Class Of June 1967
Gregory Rodgers
Class Of June 1967
James Tullis
Class Of June 1967
Robert Ryan
Class Of June 1968
Paul W. Pleier
Class Of June 1974

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 Lincoln High Wall Of Honor
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Harry Bullard
January 1962

Arlington Cemetery Background Courtesy Stan Marks June 62